Monday, 10 April 2017

Details of issues raised at Mullingar Municipal Area Meeting

Posted by Cllr Ken Glynn on 10/04/2017




Reply: This can be considered in the context of the 2017 Estimates.



Reply: This can be considered in the context of the 2017 Estimates.



Reply: This location was investigated by Environment Section and while the localised failure of the trees appears suspicious, there was no evidence apparent that this was linked to an environmental pollution incident.






Reply: This proposal to upgrade Public Lights to a more energy efficient lamp needs to be progressed for the entire county. It would contribute to reduction in the Councils energy bills and the required energy reduction targets by 2020. It would also result in significantly reducing our monthly maintenance bills. However, there is a large capital cost associated with this transition. A large proportion of the existing public lights require additional upgrading such as new wiring and additional mini-pillars to comply with electrical requirements prior to any upgrade to LED lanterns. This matter is currently being considered at a national level and Westmeath County Council is liaising with this group. A dedicated multi annual capital budget would need to be put in place to achieve the upgrading programme. At present the Council is continuing to upgrade existing public lights, including the installation of LED lamps, within the limited funding currently available.




Reply: Enhancements to the existing Greenway and Old rail trial are under review, this review includes improving the entry points to both trails. Subject to funding Mullingar Municipal District has identified this entry point as a priority. advancing specific improvements in this location.