Monday, 4 December 2017

Mullingar Municipal Area Meeting Update




Reply: This was examined after heavy rain and no significant flooding was evident.



Reply: This Westmeath Greenway sign covers the route from Athlone to Meath, as indicated by the heading on the sign.  It is located at the entrance to the Greenway across from Mullingar Railway Station.  Mullingar is centrally placed on the map and the location is marked with an arrow.  It is not proposed to change the sign.



Reply: This cul de sac is in satisfactory condition, having been surface dressed in 2016.  It would be expected that this road will not need resurfacing for a number of years.



Reply: Mullingar Municipal District are currently engaging with the NTA regarding the provision of a Town Bus service.



Reply: This is a cul de sac in reasonable condition.  Resurfacing works can be considered within the limited budget for cul-de-sacs, in the context of the 2018 Estimates.


Reply: Resurfacing works on the Green Road have been completed.







Reply: There is no provision in the public lighting budget for additional lighting. This area will be reviewed in conjunction with the electrical testing programme in future years.



Reply: Housing has ear-marked further development within the Ennell Court area. Infrastructural improvements associated with same will enhance the area.



Reply: Roads and Transportation have been undertaking a pilot study on the national road network in the Athlone Municipal District in conjunction with TII since 2016.  The initial un-validated findings shows that these signs are most effective for the first few weeks and should not be left in place for too long at one location, as leaving them any longer can lead to over-familiarity by drivers and thus detract from their effectiveness.  For any pilot study on the non national road network to be effective, any such signs would have to be moveable and a new policy document would have to be put in place with regard to their usage.  Any such policy document could form part of a new road safety policy for the entire county.



Reply: Following the recent installation of the 30kph blanket speed limit in residential estates, there is no direct evidence of general speeding.  However, this can be considered as part of the 2018 Estimates process.