Monday, 13 February 2017

Replies to issues raised at Mullingar Municipal Area Meeting

Posted by Cllr Ken Glynn on 13/02/2017




Reply: These works have now been completed.


2.20 Cllr. Ken Glynn: To ask Mullingar Municipal District to re-examine the entrance serving both Ardilaun Green and Ardilaun Heights with a view to improving safety at this location.


Reply: The sightlines for traffic exiting from the estate onto the Regional Road have been assessed and were found to comply with the required standards for a priority junction in an urban area. There is a designated right turn lane for traffic turning into the estate from the Regional Road. There are advance warning signs on the Regional Road which are in compliance with the 2010 Traffic Signs Manual, as amended.



Reply: This section of footpath can be considered for funding in the context of the 2017 Footpath Estimates.






Reply: The traffic flows and traffic light timings throughout Mullingar are constantly evaluated to improve capacity. Currently, under the Urban Regeneration Scheme, consulting engineers are specifically looking at certain roads, including the Green Bridge.



Reply: Housing has ear-marked further development within the Ennell Court area.  Infrastructural improvements associated with same will enhance the area.